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SASAL’s Strength

SASAL, INC is a global strategy consulting firm established in 2022. SASAL, INC’s mission is to “Increase your company’s Future value.” When you would like to grow your business, it’s time to connect with SASAL, INC. As a strategy consulting firm, SASAL, INC tells straight opinions and proposals directly to the client. Our past cases are written here. SASAL, INC is glad to grow with you. Thank you.


Save the Quality of the work for the client

For the quality of the work, SASAL, INC sets that policy for the employees…

Difference between the real strategy and desk strategy.

There are differences between real strategy and desk strategy. SASAL, INC focuses on the real…

IT Infrastructure


Increase The Future Value

Our objective is to help you increase your future value by improving your fundamental strength. We accompany you all the way and help you acquire more knowledge and a more defined vision of your future. Your knowledge is your power. 


As a strategic consulting firm, we perform project work. SASAL provides strategic consulting services.

 COST$100,000 – $1,000,000 / Project
 TERM3month / 6month / 12 month

This movie is the basic service contract flow of SASAL, INC. When you would like to contact the service, please register using the contact page.


SASAL, INC recommends an Advisor or profit improvement service to the first client. Because advisors are cheaper compared with others and profit improvement is clear and effective.


IT Infrastructure


Entering the Japanese market

Reference: What is the Japanese market? JETRO:


Register Process 1. First, please register the payment from here. 2. After payment, please register...


• SASAL, INC is the client’s partner, not a subcontract corporation; if the client needs more knowledgeable talent than current employees, SASAL, INC can support it as a human resource Project. (e.g., teach the knowledge of hiring as a human resource project)

• SASAL, INC cannot attempt to become your corporation’s employees(e.g., join your corporation’s environment). When your client needs support of the strategy SASAL, INC does the strategy consulting direct contract with your client.

• Basically, SASAL, INC uses the Microsoft Tools. For the client communication, SASAL, INC uses E-mail.

• SASAL, INC does not translate if clients need domestic language documents. The client must hire a bilingual translator in the client’s corporation.


whole business replanning

Developed business strategies and conducted operations for a privately held U.S. company. Implement improvements in...

Internal Communication Hub

Provided consultation to parent company divisions of HD companies, where relationships between parent company and...

Global Market Research

A global survey on the satellite broadcasting industry was conducted as a research document for...

Electric Vehicle Product Sales Strategy Planning

Provided business support for Electric Vehicle strategy. Reworked sales strategy for product sales based on...

Business Due Diligence

The purpose of this project is to conduct research on the market size, digitalization status...



Contribute as one company that supports the wealth of countries around the world.

Our vision is “Contribute as one company that supports the wealth of countries around the world”. Hence We would like to continue to make the connection to the global to grow our current and future clients.