SASAL, INC is publishing the counselor service. In general, strategy corporations define this as an advisor role of the corporation, but SASAL, INC defines this service as a counselor for showing a sense of respect for the current employees. Through discussion, clients are able to clarify their strategy. This service is the most flexible and reasonable service in SASAL, INC. The details of the service are written in the document below. Clients can start this service automatically depending on your timing by passing the flow below.

Register Process

1. Payment

After checking the agreements, please register the payment here. By completing payment, you agree to the following agreement. When you would like to share the contract, please download and send this to the If you would like to quit this service, with the unit of the month, you are able to quit this anytime and start anytime. Please feel free to tell SASAL employees.

2. Login to the Client Page

SASAL, INC’s clients are able to log in to the Client page. After payment, please register as a client from the Register page when you are comfortable with your timing. After registration, SASAL, INC approves your registration. SASAL, INC is pleased that the client’s corporation will be growing with SASAL.