Strategy Consulting Company.


SASAL, INC is a global strategy consulting firm established in 2022. SASAL, INC’s mission is to “Increase your company’s Future value.” When you would like to grow your business, it’s time to connect with SASAL, INC. As a strategy consulting firm, SASAL, INC tells straight opinions and proposals directly to the client. Our past cases are written here. SASAL, INC is glad to grow with you. Thank you.


Increase The Future Value


As a strategic consulting firm, we perform project work. SASAL provides strategic consulting services.

For comfortable relationships, SASAL, INC is defining the flow of relationship building. Please feel free to contact SASAL, INC.

 COST$100,000 – $1,000,000 / Project
 TERM3month / 6month / 12 month
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Contribute as one company that supports the wealth of countries around the world.

Our vision is “Contribute as one company that supports the wealth of countries around the world”. Hence We would like to continue to make the connection to the global to grow our current and future clients.


Service Restructured.

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Service & Organization Changed

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Greetings from the Establishment of the Company

Dear Sir or Madam We are pleased to hear that your business is flourishing.We would…