【CEO Interview】: How did SASAL, INC come to life ?

You may know SASAL, INC as your strategy consulting firm, but do you actually know who is behind it ? In this CEO Interview, discover more about who created SASAL INC, what its origins are, and its goals.


What is the meaning of your company’s name?

“Actually, I don’t think anyone knows that mostly if Japanese is not a language one understands, but SASAL comes from the Japanese term “sasaeru” (支える), which means “to support.” As a strategy consultant, my primary goal is always to support and assist my clients the best way I can with each problem they may encounter, so I am naming my company SASAL.”

CEO Back Ground

I was born in Miyazaki, Japan, and I have been interested in the global culture since I was young. My family is poor and my father tried his business, for having a family time, but unfortunately, he screwed his business. Hence, I decided when I grew up I didn’t want to put my children through with the money. I am grateful to my parents cuz my mother always respected my decision. Hence, after studying in Kumamoto till my gap year as a university student, I started my univ career at Hiroshima Univ. Till the Univ I did several part-time job, and then I noticed If I worked harder I couldn’t obtain much money, my parents didn’t send any money even if the would like to do that and I was on scholarship, so I had to earn all his own living expenses. So while the univ student, I decided to build own my business in the future.

I started my first career in a small corporation to acquire the skills of a small business, and then I moved to the Accenture. In there, I tried IT consulting and Strategy Consulting with transferring the project. In the Strategy Project, sometimes I worked with the Director of the Strategy. But I felt there was no pass to the global in Accenture. Hence, I decided to build my corporation in the US.


What is a future goal for SASAL, INC?

Unfortunately, the global presence of Asia is low. I would like you to do my business equally to the Americans, so in the future, I would like to have more business relationships with Listing Corporations in the US (e.g., NYSE, Nasdaq). While operating the business, there are so many problems that will last forever. The main thing I realized was that each problem always comes from a human. Working with people from different backgrounds, different cultures, and so on really widened my perspective on my own issues and helped me find solutions in ways I would have never even thought about if I had stayed focused on my own ideas.”

Any last words for those who follow the growth of SASAL, INC?

“When I look back at it, I can see the progress and everything I have built. In the future, I really wish to grow even more, not only in terms of notoriety but humanly as well. I am looking forward to employing more people with various backgrounds and common goals as mine and developing more skills along the way. SASAL, INC is on its way to becoming something big. I can sense it, and I wish to thank those who trust it and who believe in this project.” Our corporation would like to give the value. Cuz our mission is to increase clients future value.